COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Gray Matter Analytics Continues to Provide Analytics as a Service to Healthcare Organizations During the Pandemic

Read Gray Matter CEO Sheila Talton's message and learn how we are continuing to support our clients and their populations. 

Healthcare has traditionally lagged in adopting technology to manage its operations. However, looking at the current business environment, which has significantly been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an even greater need to leverage data across the enterprise to inform decision making.

Gray Matter Analytics has developed a suite of analytics solutions centered around managing infectious diseases and mitigating costs more effectively. When applied to COVID-19, our solutions use evidence-based factors and synthesize information provided by the CDC and WorldHealth Organization, to develop our analytics stratification models.

Our suite of solutions include 

  • Member Segmentation and Risk Profiling
  • Epidemiologic Geospatial Analytics
  • Financial Impact Analytics  
  • Market Enrollment Forecasting

We transform ingested data into actionable insights. Our advanced analytics capabilities leverage machine learning to provide predictive and prescriptive insights, risk stratification, cluster analytics and financial performance predictions. 

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